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Our experienced and dedicated teachers will make you master the complexities of Polish language fast. It is as easy as joining a Skype call once or twice a week and enjoying the progress and achievment of your language goals! 

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, we got you covered! We offer individual online Polish courses on all levels.

We are not your usual language school that teaches many languages. Since the beginning we teach only Polish and we do it right!

"They're great people knowing how to teach Polish!"

Online Polish  individual courses - effective, convenient and fun solution for aspiring Polish speakers!

Join online Polish individual course to level up your Polish fast:

  • Join from everywhere
  • Fast results thanks to certified and experienced teachers and carefully designed teaching programme
  • Gain confidence in speaking - practice conversations in a safe environment
  • Access to knowledge - whenever you have a question or a doubt, you can ask your teacher
  • Have fun - our courses are designed to be dynamic and engaging, so we won't let you be bored on our lessons
  • We focus on teaching real life Polish, so you can use what you learn right away
  • 60 minutes and 90 minutes lessons available (check out prices here)


"I am amazed how fast my progress is!"


"Great teachers, amazing atmosphere! Highly recommended!


"They're great people knowing how to teach Polish!"

Who are we?

12 years of experience 

I am Dorota, Polish expert and teacher, founder of Teach me Polish and creator of Polish with Dorota.

If you don't know me, you need to check my popular Youtube channel to see how easy it is to learn Polish, when it is explained properly.

12 years ago I opened Teach me Polish, which soon became the best Polish language school in Poznań.

We have been doing online Polish courses since the start of the school. Since 2022 we focus only on teaching Polish online, so you learn Polish everywhere you are. And I make sure that our Polish online courses are done right!

Here is our awesome team


"I would like to tell you that I am enjoying the class very much and am learning a lot.  Karolina and the course materials are great!"


"Today also had my first session after a long time with Justyna - it was great 🙂 <3"


"Julia is a lovely teacher, she is very good at explaining things and helping with pronounciations. She also makes us laugh with some of her stories!"


"I learn a lot with Weronika. She is very good teacher. I am never bored on the lessons"


"Our teacher Ola is nice, positive and easy-going. She is a very helpful guide in the journey of learning Polish language. We manage to study a lot of material during 2 hours, and it isn't tiring or boring."


"The classes went very well!"


"Klaudia is very friendly and has great energy!"

Main Benefits of learning Polish online

In last 3 years online learning became very popular. 

However, we have been doing online Polish lessons for 12 years now. 

That's why we just know how to do it!

Fast results

Thanks to certified and experienced teachers you will be amazed how fast your progress is.

Available everywhere

Enjoy the finest Polish online lessons wherever you are!


Gain confidence in speaking - practicing conversaitons is easy in small groups


Our courses are designed to be dynamic and engaging, so we won't let you be bored on our lessons

How does online Polish learning work?



For the lesson, you will  connect with the teacher on Skype video call.



During the whole lesson you interact with the teacher. Whenever you have a question or a doubt, you can ask your teacher.


Free learning materials

You wil get digital learning materials, that will be used on the lessons and to do homework.

Our students reviews

This is absolutely the best language school I have ever attended.

"I am amazed how fast my progress is and how much this school brought out the child in me - I loved every single miming game, word-domino, riddle and essay I had to write so far.
I could not recommend this school enough!"



The lessons at Teach me Polish were a great pleasure

"I was able to have short conversations in Polish only few months after joining the beginner class."



They're great people knowing how to teach Polish!

"The atmosphere is very friendly and warm, the approach is individual. Lessons are understandable and useful."



If you are looking for a human approach to learning Polish then I highly recommend Teach me Polish.

"I found exactly what I was looking for,  a small group of all ages and nationalities. Our teacher is very understanding and is always willing to take time and go over the points where we have difficulties, the ambiance is good humored and joyful which helps a lot when you start a new language"



I have only good things to say about this school.

"These classes are dynamic, well-organized, and fun.  My Polish has improved dramatically, and I've met some very cool people as well. "



I think Teach me Polish is a very good place to learn Polish.

"Teachers are very attentive, friendly and really interested in teaching. I would definetely recommend the school for beginners and those who want to get deeper into Polish!"



How to join?

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We will help you choose a course that is the most suitable for you.


You can join the course and learn Polish!


60 minutes

individual lesson

137 PLN / 33 €

For thoese who like to learn at one's own pace.

  • Whole teacher attention is focused on you
  • Free learning materials and homework
  • Payment possible with transfer, credit card and Paypal

90 minutes

individual lesson

185 PLN / 44 €

For aspiring learners!

  • More intense language experience
  • Whole teacher attention is focused on you
  • Free learning materials and homework
  • Payment possible with transfer, credit card and Paypal

If you are interested in group Polish online course, click here.


Do you provide stationary courses?

Teach me Polish is based in Poznań and we had stationary courses from 2012 to 2022, but from 2022 we offer only online Polish courses.

Are online courses effective?

Yes, online courses are as effective as stationary. Stationary courses are a litle bit more social by the fact you gather with other students in the same place for the lesson, but when it comes to the progress of learning Polish online, it is as effective.

How long does it take to learn Polish?

It depends on so many factors that it is hard to give you a simple answer (your nationality, languges you speak, how fast you learn, how many lessons in amonth you have, how many hours you put into language practice). If you want to have just simple conversations, 6 - 12 months should be enough. If you want to reach at least B1 level in Polish, it can take +2 years. 

Do you provide learning materials?

Yes, we provide digital learning materials.

How long does the course take?

Usually one semester of the online Polish group course lasts 4 months, but you can learn longer until you achive the level of Polish you are satisfied with. In some cases and in case of individual courses, it is also possible to join the course for a shorter period of time. We are flexible and we can adjust to your language goals. Contact us if you want to know more.

How many students are there in a group?

There are up to 7 students in an online group course.

How can I pay for the course?

Payments are possible with bank transfer, credit card and Paypal

Do you offer free Polish courses?

No, we don't. We only offer paid Polish online courses. You can find our prices here.

Boost your Polish. Join 3,000+ satisfied students.

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"The lessons at Teach me Polish were a great pleasure"


"I have only good things to say about this school!"


"I think Teach me Polish is a very good place to learn Polish"